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All data recovery engineers will have now one opportunity to get HDD platter cleaning training video for free. The HDD platter cleaning video is very helpful in many clean room data recovery cases such as scratched hdd recovery, contaminated hdd recovery, etc.

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HDD Platter Cleaning Workstation Pro. is one hardware-only equipment for data recovery purpose, it is specially designed to clean both 2.5 and 3.5-inch hard drive platters.

HDD Platter Cleaning Workstation Pro. contains the following components:

1, Cleaning hardware workstation;
2, Platter fix nut for 2.5″ platter;
3, Platter fix nut for 3.5″ platter;
4, Power Supply AC Adapter.


1, Perfectly support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ platter cleaning;
2, Easy one-button power control;
3, Edge design helps to watch and clean the other surface of the platter so that both surfaces can be cleaned;

Many faulty hard drives from fire, flood disasters or drives suffering scratches require to clean the hard drive platters, clean the hard drives inner environment.

To use HDD Platter Cleaning Workstation Pro. efficiently, users need to get some other clean room recovery equipment such as below:

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