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Raw recovery is very commonly used in all data recovery labs. In many data recovery cases, the faulty hard drives may have bad sectors, MFT corruption, scratches, etc and therefore, users can only recover the lost data by file types, that’s raw recovery.

All the recovered files don’t have real names and they are recovered in raw status and it’s not possible for users to recognize the wanted files from thousands of files or even more.

So what’s the best solution to fix these raw files without correct names?
Dolphin Data Recovery Assistant Pro. comes as the best solution with one software module called ‘File Rename’ and users can edit all these files easily with proper names.

Simple steps to edit the files with false names?

1, Enter Dolphin data recovery assistant software;
2, Select the folder containing files with false names;
3, Click check files;
4, Click rename and the program will automatically correct all false names with specified settings: users can rename by date, sheet name, content and file size.