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To recover lost data from Seagate ST8000NM0105 patient hard drives with firmware corruption, users need to unlock the firmware area first and then repair the firmware failure to get data access.

Some ST8000NM0105 hard drives can be unlocked normally and some not, this depends on the firmware version.

The following is one data recovery case study of ST8000NM0105 with fw version-G004 on the label and no tools can unlock it normally and this case study will introduce one method to fix these fail-to-unlock ST8000NM0105 hard drives.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number-ST8000NM0105
FW version: G004
Family-MakaraPlus (91)

Patient HDD symptoms:
Capacity 0
Firmware unlock failure

ST8000NM0105 Data Recovery Steps:

01: Backup ROM;
02: Generate adaptive ROM by DFL Seagate hdd repair tool;
03: Power off and on and …;
04: …
05: Send unlock key and backup important sys files;
06: View NGlist;
07: Clear G-list and regenerate translator.

Read complete steps here in the Dolphin user-only forum.

After firmware corruption is fixed, users can go to DFL-DDP data recovery equipment to image the patient HDD or extract the lost files directly.