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Dolphin Data Lab has released one new data recovery hardware tool-DFL SATA to SAS Adapter and this adapter is used to connect SAS hard drives and convert SAS interfaces to SATA interfaces.

By this SAS adapter, users can connect SAS hard drives to the popular ATA data recovery equipment such as DFL SRP USB3.0 all-in-one data recovery equipment or DFL PCIe data recovery equipment or other similar data recovery devices with SATA ports. Users can make best use of the disk image or file extraction settings:

Write blocking;
Set LBA range to image;
Forward read or backward read;
Set read block size;
high-speed/low speed/intelligent read;
Soft reset/hard reset/power reset;
Settings for sector read timeout values, sectors to skip, etc.

Please note: This adapter is hardware only, doesn’t contain any software, users need to use this adapter with SATA data recovery equipment.

If users wish to image the SAS drives with non-standard sector sizes of 518, 520, 522, 528, etc to target drives or to a file with standard sector size of 512 bytes, users need to use Dolphin Data Recovery Assistant Pro.