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Seagate hard drives with LED failure are very common in data recovery labs worldwide and some engineers are able to handle some LED cases properly and some LED cases are not easy to fix.

Dolphin Data Lab has created one new Seagate hdd firmware repair function specially for fixing Seagate faulty hard drives with LED status.

For Seagate patient hard drives, users cannot enter F3 T> and cannot do anything further to repair the corrupted firmware modules if the hdd suffers LED failure. It is something like the bluescreen of the computers.

To fix the Seagate LED HDD, there’re several methods:

01: Short connect;
02: Hot swap;
03: Boot ROM write+Loader

Now we create the 4th new and easier method: Disable Subsystem of the SA and this is something like the ‘disable 411’ within WD hard drive firmware repair software, very easy to use and very helpful in many Seagate LED cases.

Users can open DFL Seagate HDD repair tool, enter the software, select ROM Operations>ROM Edit>Disable Subsystem

Next users just need to write new rom to HDD and then users can bypass the LED status, go to COM terminal and enter F3 T>, finally users need to write back the original rom after firmware repair.

Next users can open DFL-DDP data recovery software and get all the lost data back easily.