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Dolphin Data Lab has created one very good and helpful data recovery function to repair the weak heads and enhance the heads read and write capabilities. By this function, users can get more data recovered and can get data more quickly.

Western Digital HDD Slow Issue types:

01: Firmware slow-users can fix the corrupted firmware modules to fix the slow issue. DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool offers one-click slow fix solutions: Common>Common Repair>Slow Fix for traditional WD hard drives and DFL-DDP data recovery tool offers easy-to-use slow fix for WD SMR hard drives: DDP>Western Digital>Change Disk Configuration>Set the sector r/w response time.

02: Physical slow-users need to use the new data recovery solution to enhance the head r/w capabilities and make the drives read/write quickly. Menu path within DFL-WD hdd repair tool: Common>Adjust Adaptive Parameters

Please note: Some WD hard drives are full of bad sectors due to head corruption and users need to swap heads to fix and get lost data back.

Users can watch the video instruction here on how to use ‘Adjust Adaptive Parameters’ for data recovery without head swap.