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WD 810082 USB-SATA Adapter Smart is one professionally designed SATA connector. Users can easily install this adapter on the original 810082 USB PCB and then users can operate on 810082 USB hard drives by SATA interface.

Please note: WD 810082 USB-SATA Adapter Smart doesn’t contain any data recovery tools or software. Users need to buy hdd firmware repair tools or data recovery hardware tools to work with the firmware area or run disk image or file extraction.

WD 810082 USB-SATA Adapter Smart helps to get the data at the status of decryption off the 810082 drives by SATA interface.


01: This adapter adopts one special chip which can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes above the maximum level specified in the IEC61000-4-2 international standard (±8kV contact discharge)
02: Visible pins for easier pins location and connection.

To work with 810082 hdd firmware area, users need to unlock the firmware area first by the following steps:

01: Users need to use HDD ROM chip pin reader to read original rom from 810082 original USB PCB;
02: Users can use WD hdd firmware repair tool to generate unlock rom(This step can be done by other similar firmware repair tools);
03: Write unlock rom by HDD ROM chip pin reader to the 810082 USB PCB;
04: Power off and on and users can access to firmware area, test and repair damaged firmware modules.