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Data recovery labs receive more and more data recovery cases to get lost data back from Western Digital Hitachi Helium hard drives. Among all of these Helium hdd data recovery cases, UNC firmware failure repair and recovery is very common case.

It’s not possible right now to fix the common firmware failure of UNC by the existing hdd repair and data recovery equipment in the market but from now on, Dolphin team have found one unique data recovery solution to fix the UNC common firmware failure and finally get the lost data back.

There’re many WD Hitachi helium hard drives of 8T,10T,12T,16T,etc. Users can connect these patient drives to desktop computer SATA ports and test the hdds by one software to see if they report UNC error. Users can also connect these helium patient drives to the existing hdd firmware repair hardware and see if they report UNC error.

After the UNC error is confirmed, users can use the special common fw repair solution to get the patient drives repaired and finally get the lost data back. Sometimes users may get ABR errors from the patient Helium hard drives but ABR error usually indicates the patient helium hdd head damage failure or other failures. If physical failure, users need to swap heads to continue the recovery process.