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Seagate hard drive translator regeneration is one very important firmware repair function within all Seagate firmware repair tool.

There’re two modes for Seagate hdd translator regeneration:
01: Translator regeneration in ATA mode;
02: Translator regeneration in COM mode.

Within COM terminal, users need to enter F3 T> to use m0,6,3,,,,,22 command to regenerate translator. But please note: users need to think carefully before using the command. Users need to clear g-list, need to reset smart, need to check the HDD failure symptoms, need to backup important firmware modules, etc.

In some cases, translator regeneration may cause partial sector access issue or data shifting issue and in many cases, users don’t need translator regeneration to fix the cases and recover the lost data. So don’t always use the translator regeneration command.

In some heads read-only cases, users need to use translator regeneration in ATA mode and access to the data area.

Within DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool, users can easily use the ATA translator regeneration under defects management and this one is very helpful.

Video instruction to use translator regeneration in ATA mode:
Seagate LM Rosewood Heads Read only Firmware Repair and Data Recovery

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