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Have you ever experienced  such annoying situations, ‘your computer restart by yourself‘, ‘the computer restart when playing games‘, etc.

First, we need to understand what cause the computer to restart itself. Reasons can be  Computer restart due to overheating,  Computer restart due to faulty RAM,  Computer restart due to faulty Hard-disk,  Computer restart due to overheating up of hard-disk,  Computer restart on attaching some external USB device,  Computer restart due to other hardware problem,  Some software causing operating system crash causes computer restart,  Computer restart due to virus infection, etc.

Computer restarts by itself Fix solutions:

Computer restart due to overheating

Computer restarts due to over-heating when the processor fan goes faulty.

>>Check that the cooling fans on the processor is working properly or not. So ensure that the fan is working fine and is clean. If not, then get the fan replaced. Also check for the additional fans on your computer casing/cabinet(if any).

Computer restart due to faulty RAM

Computer restarts abruptly if RAM goes faulty, or if you install some in-compatible RAM or more than one RAM modules of different frequency or type.

>>  * If your computer motherboard has dual channel memory support ( see the motherboard’s user manual), then you must install two identical RAM modules for best performance. For best performance, put the two modules in two different memory channels (see motherboard manual for correct way of installation). So you can buy an identical RAM module as your existing module, or better approach would be to sell off the existing one and buy two new of same type, brand, capacity and frequency.
* If your computer’s motherboard does not support dual channel memory support, then it is recommended that you replace your old RAM module with a new module of higher capacity. But before you buy a new RAM module, check your motherboard’s manual for maximum RAM frequency it supports, buy the new module of the maximum supported frequency for good performance.
* If you want to add a new RAM module without removing the old one(not recommended), it is highly recommended that the two modules (old and new one) must be of same memory frequency. If the frequency is not same, system becomes unstable and restarts abruptly, which can be fatal for your computer.
* In case the two RAM modules are based on different chipset technology (which changes the memory density, i.e the memory contained on each chip on the module), it may happen that only one one of the two is detected.
* If the memory density of the new RAM module is not supported by your motherboard, it may happen that the new RAM module is not detected at all. So be very careful before buying a new memory module. Buy only after checking the supported memory types from motherboard’s manual.

So, The thumb-rule is – Always look carefully into the motherboard’s user manual before any kind of RAM upgrades.

Computer restart due to faulty Hard-disk

Faulty hard disk is one of the most common reasons for abrupt computer restart. Run a hard disk scan to fix this issue. If there are bad-sectors on your hard-disk, its the time to get it replaced.

Computer restart due to overheating up of hard-disk

If there is not proper ventilation around your computer, the hard disk may also reach temperatures where it starts to malfunction and computer restarts in some of these cases. The fix is to keep the computer at a ventilated place. Also installing some cabinet fans also solves this problem to big extent.

Computer restart on attaching some external USB device

I have experienced that when I attached my memory-card-reader to my computer, the computer restarted. I tried it again, it again re-started, it was not a co-incidence, it was a faulty device. So the fix is, remove all external USB devices and insert one by one, and see which device is causing problem.

Computer restart due to other hardware problem

Computer restart problem is also caused by faulty motherboard sometimes,for example my desktop’s BIOS went corrupt a few weeks back. But the chances of motherboard are relatively low, so if nothing else seems to help, get the motherboard checked by hardware vendor or technician.

Some software causing operating system crash causes computer restart

Sometimes a software can also be the culprit behind the computer restart. If you have recently installed any new application or game, and computer has started to restart when using that application or game, you need to un-install it to fix the issue.

Computer restart due to virus infection

Keep your antivirus software in the latest version and scan your disk periodically.

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