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As we have discussed a lot in the data recovery situation in 2009, data recovery training becomes more necessary for new starters, for those who want to do data recovery by themselves and for those who want to improve their skills.

Data recovery training, especially the comprehensive training courses will help you be clear about data recovery do’s and donts’, how to open the disks, exchange heads, platters, repair firmware or recover data by firmware restoration, the difference between hdd repair and data recovery, sometimes they are in the opposite directions, when you repair your HDDs, you lose all data permanently and data recovery becomes useless!

That’s why we said data recovery training becomes more necessary for new starters who even don’t understand the basic regulations in data recovery field! We meet a lot of computer users telling us they took their drives to some data recovery shop, “Hey, my drive got damaged, can you repair it?” The drive owner usually get the drive repaired and spend money for repairing but finally, the owner found their data is missing, what to do then? spend money again for data recovery? This is really bad experience but they are indeed stories of some people.

Data recovery training is also important to data recovery engineers, especially for those who are not professional enough! Data recovery covers a wide range of training courses, from logical data recovery training, physical data recovery training, Raid data recovery training, flash data recovery training, CD/DVD recovery training, etc. Do all engineers master all kind of data recovery trainings? Even if you are good at some kind of training, do you have all the tricks, don’t you want to increase the rate of successul data recovery, do you know about and are able to handle those problems of new drives with Hard disk drive manufacturer’s new technologies?

Data recovery engineers must always stay professional and provide real qualified data recovery services to the end users. In this way, we respect the customers and their data and respect this field and in this way, Data recovery field can grow faster and stronger, data recovery engineers are the best doctors to cure data loss!

Since data recovery training becomes more necessary, should we go forward to attend the training without any preparation? The answer is ‘no’!

We must firstly learn some basic knowledge of data recovery, Data recovery Salon is so far the best online data recovery book and you can learn all about data recovery for different storage medias and different hdd manufacturers. This is a process of data recovery training by yourself online and next you can come to find a professional data recovery training center. Only in this way, you can really understand what the training courses and digest well. Otherwise, data recovery training makes no sense, just a waste of money! Therefore, do remember you have the basic knowledge of data recovery before you attend the training!

So next, we need to find a good data recovery training center. How to choose the best one for it? The following questions will help?

1st, When was the training center set up?
2nd, How many training engineers do they have?
3rd, How much do they charge for different kind of training courses?
4th, What kind of data recovery tools do they use to train?
5th, Do they offer opportunities for trainee to practise with data recovery tools? This is very important for trainees to experience the process of data recovery themselves and help them start their data recovery business later more easily!
6th, Do they offer some good data recovery tools they will use to train? Combination offer usually means cost saving! Like so far, we found, SalvationDATA is offering their data recovery training for free while you buy their data recovery tools, is this a good choice? We can also search more about similar offer like this and then choose the best one!

Well, we must repeat that data recovery training becomes more necessary but need to be well prepared, don’t do anything without preparation and fail in the begining!

Data recovery Salon welcomes your comments and share with us your ideas, suggestions and experience. Data recovery salon is dedicated in sharing the most useful data recovery information with our users and only if you are good at data recovery or related knowledge, please kindly drop us an email and we will publish your article here. We need to make data recovery Salon to be the most professional and free data recovery E-book online