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Jammed or stuck Seagate Spindle Motor Parts

Normally, Match the model number with the Country for a compatible base, there’s great success with hard drive platter transfers which took many hours to resolve as alignment is critical!

Warning this is one of the most difficult platter swaps especially if the there are dividers between the platters Remember the spindle motor to the base of the hard drive assembly is mounted to the base, You have no choice other  than removing the platters and transferring them to a good function hard drive assembly

Clicking Seagate 2.5 Inch Laptop  and 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard drive Parts
When it comes to matching parts for read write heads its as simple as matching the model number along with the Firmware version

Samsung 2.5 Laptop  and 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard drive Parts for heads replacement
Match The 5 digit code after the part number on both the desktop hard drive and the laptop hard drive Demonstrated in the pictures below

2.5 Samsung Laptop Hard Drive

3.5 Samsung Desktop Hard Drive


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