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In October of 2010, Airplane research institution of Chengdu comes to an agreement with SalvtionDATA, which devotes to researching data security technology. The agreement is that the airplane research institution purchases the new data safe product (DSM system), which is researched and developed automatically by SalvationDATA. Meanwhile, the institution can freely get online technology support and upgrade service provided by SalvationDATA’s data security technicians.

When the airplane research institution of Chengdu works with computer, it builds complete data security system for preventing net bugs. But influenced by hard drive breakdown and surrounding environment, the hard drives of the institution are easy to happen to data safe problems: bad track, motor error, and unstable head. As the key institution of Chinese airplane designing and researching, the airplane research institution of Chengdu, whose data information safe involves the international position of Chinese airplane researching technology. If the institution asks outworkers to solve the data safe problem, it will take a risk of data leaking. Therefore, it is feasible for the institution to build a data safe system, with which internal staffs can quickly take part in solving problems of data losing and data recovery error.

DSM system is a new data safe product researched by SalvationDATA, constitutes two hardware devices: SD-DSM-A and SD-DSM-B, and contains worldwide main data safe technologies: data recovery, data backup, data erasure and data elimination. In addition, DSM system does not only continue the data recovery technology of DC, but also consider present new data recovery problems so as to achieving seven data recovery functions. It can efficiently solve data losing problems of logic layer, firmware layer and physic layer. It can also completely meet the needs of institutions’ data recovery management with secret, because only internal staffs can take part in data recovery in DSM system. Meanwhile, SalvationDATA provides data recovery technology support and guarantees DSM system can solve various data recovery technology problems.

At present, DSM system is the newest technology in data safe product market, and can support all data safe management systems: large-scale server, work station, desktop computer, laptop, monitor computer, military computer, and video surveillance and control system. The DSM system also gains Chinese double soft certification and is coincidence with Chinese confidentiality management criterion.

In signing meeting, a representative of Chengdu repair research institution said: “I really understand DSM system in medium conference held before long by SalvationDATA. The DSM system of collecting many data security functions changes my cognition to data security products. It is strongly operable and realistic, meets the needs of most institutions’ data security management as well.”

After equipping DSM system, the airplane research institution of Chengdu does not own complete data security system, but also becomes one of the first institutions, holding the most advanced data security management system. With the wide use of DSM system in all enterprises and institutions, advanced data security products, as the main data security products of all enterprises and institutions, will replace traditional data security products.