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Seagate Data Recovery Guide is so far one very famous and useful data recovery guide written by Ann Leflore from French Polynesia, Tahiti. Before this data recovery book was created, there were always many posts about how to use the functions and features correctly and many people especially those who are starting their data recovery business without enough data recovery knowledge and experience failed to  recover their data using the tools they purchased at expected-success rate.

After a lot of trial and research in the data recovery tools, Ann Leflore has successfully fixed many data recovery cases and get their data back and then she wrote down all her own  operating tips and instructions and most important, many useful case studies she has dealt with which are also common cases other data recovery engineers may meet and use the similar ways to fix. By a nice combination of these case studies and her years’ experience in data recovery, she wrote this book and had it available to the public of the world for Seagate HDD repair and Data Recovery.

And now Ann Leflore entrusts Data Recovery Salon to sell this Seagate Data Recovery Guide and therefore  she can put more focus and time on more research and new case studies to add to the upgrade of the books. This Seagate data recovery book has already helped a lot of users with the tool out and will do more than that.

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