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Dolphin Data Lab has recently released its industry’s first advanced USB3.0 data recovery equipment-DFL-Data Dr. Pro(DDP) which is claimed to be different from the traditional and standard data recovery tools.

Data Recovery Efficiency Enhancement Is One Of The Biggest Features

1, Compared with any other data recovery tools, the DFL-DDP adopts portable USB3.0 design and it is almost 10 times faster than the USB2.0 design and this tool is downward compatible with the USB2.0 design or lower;

2, This tool has two built-in SATA ports enabling users to operate on two hard drives at the same time which doubles users’ data recovery performance;

3, This tool is extremely useful for hard drives of 2TB, 3TB, 4TB hard drives, not only good drives but drives with severe bad sectors  or other kind of faulty drives are supported;

4, The DDP perfectly combines three necessary key modules for data recovery: disk image module, file recovery module and common hdd repair module. Users can find and use these functions in one tool. The easy and clean industry design makes it easy for users to understand how to use the tool and the common hdd repair modules save a lot of time for users to fix the common hdd failures and repair them and finally recover the data from the damaged hard drives.

To Be Unique And Powerful Is The Other Feature of This USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

1, The DFL-DDP supports not only the traditional file system like NTFS, FAT32, EXFAT, it supports also HFS+, HFSX, EXT2, 3, 4, VMFS4 and VMFS 5, etc;

2, Users can install DFL-DDP on multiple computers in Windows 7 32bit, windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows XP, etc;

3, Unique common hdd repair modules supports repairing the following common hdd failures in a quick way:

Fast Solutions To Seagate Common HDD Failures

-To be fixed within COM Command mode

.11 & .12 CAP=0 & BUSY REPAIR
.11 & .12 LED?000000CC REPAIR
F3 Rebuild Translator-ATA
F3 Password Removal
Clear Smart

Fast Solutions To Western Digital Common HDD Failures

Password Removal
Fix Slow Initialization And Reading
Head Map Editing in RAM
Load LDR
Clear Smart

Fast Solutions To Samsung Common HDD Failures
-To be fixed within COM Command mode
“LED 1AXX”Fixing
Password Removal
Spin Up & Down Fix
Clear Smart

And the coming Toshiba G-list clearing is said to be added in the new version.

More details are available on Dolphin Data Lab official website: