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Dolphin team have created one very professional and easy-to-use CCTV DVR video player for all users worldwide to use for free and now Dolphin team have upgraded this player and the latest player version is version 2.01.

The new CCTV DVR Video Player has the following new features:

1, Easy to add new videos to play list;
2, Easy to add one folder to play list;
3, Handle the play issue when there’s video frame structure damage;

Please note that most players in the downloading websites don’t play the CCTV DVR videos properly and traditional video players will fail to play the videos too.

Users must find professional CCTV DVR video players such as Dolphin Professional CCTV DVR Video Player and it is free to all people.

Download Dolphin Professional CCTV DVR Video Player free here.

If users want to get the best CCTV DVR data recovery tool, please find details on the Dolphin CCTV DVR Recovery Pro. Business version.