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To recover lost data from WD SMR HDDs, all data recovery engineers will face the MCU lock and SED lock.

To remove the firmware lock of WD SMR HDDs, DFL-URE/DFL-UREP and HDD ROM chip pin reader is a very good combination of hdd repair and data recovery tools.

How to Unlock WD SMR HDD Firmware Area without Firmware Unlock PCB

Step 1: Remove original PCB;

Step 2: Read original ROM by HDD ROM Chip Pin reader, no need to solder rom chip off;

Step 3: Enter DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool, go to ROM Operations>Unlock ROM;

Step 4: Select original rom and the DFL WD program will automatically generate one unlock ROM;

Step 5: Write Unlock ROM by HDD ROM Chip Pin Reader, no need to solder rom chip off;

Step 6: Install original PCB to original HDD, users can connect original HDD to DFL-URE or DFL-UREP to backup module 190, repair 190 and then use auto loading tech. to image hdd or extract lost data directly.

Video Demo on How to Unlock WD SMR HDD Without Firmware Unlock PCB: