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A region in the RAID is the amount of space that is available for the storage of the data. The data availability may be abundant in the system when the RAID is used due to the availability of more than one hard disk drives. The hard disk drives that are used some of the RAID are also used for the purpose of data mirroring. In such cases the hard disk drives may be more but the number of the drives is insufficient to store the data. The data is stored on the other disk by duplicating the data from the first drive. Hence in this case the space may not be available. The different regions in the RAID can be resized. The reason for the resizing of the regions of the RAID is that to make convenient for the user to resize the space availability subject to the space that is available. The regions may be enlarged or may be even resized depending upon the situation is demanding.

As it is known fact that there are several levels in the RAID; each of the different levels of the RAID have different characteristics and hence the different requirements. The linear RAID can be expanded in two different ways that are as follows: the first one is that if the last child object could be expanded then that object can be expanded. And the region of the RAID can be further expanded into the new space.

The second way of expanding the linear RAID region is that; there is the possibility to add new objects in the end of the region. In the same contrast the linear RAID regions can be even shrunken in two different ways. The first one is that if the last child object in the region of the linear RAID is shrinkable; then there is the possibility that object can be shrunk and also the region of the RAID will shrink by the same size. Similarly the objects can even be removed from the end of the region of the RAID. The constraint regarding this is that the removal of the first object from the region is not possible. There is also the possibility of resizing the different regions of the linear RAID even if they are in the active usage. The data has to be re – stripped if the region in the RAID 0 is resized.

The similarity is also same in the case of the different levels of the RAID. The resizing of the RAID levels is possible in the case of the RAID 0, RAID1 and also the RAID 4/5. The resizing of the regions is as important as the implementation of the RAID levels itself. In the case of the RAID 0; while providing the back up it is necessary to provide the back up. If the expanding of the region is taking place in the RAID 0; then the region is rolled back to the actual state before the expanding. And if the shrinking of the region is considered then the shrink will continue to the point till it stopped. Also an important point is that the objects, the containers and the volumes that are built on the top of the region of the RAID 0 may not be able to reflect back the right size. The other region that is the RAID 1 can be resized even if all objects are simultaneously resized by the same size. The resizing of the region of the RAID 4/5 is also similar to the resizing of the region of the RAID 0 or the resizing of the region of the RAID 1.

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