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The FreeAgent DockStar(TM) network adapter allows you to share your digital life with anyone, anywhere. Centralize your files to a single location and access them with any networked computer in your home. Create a shared space for your friends to download content you designate and to upload their own content.

Share your universe.
Share files, photos and movies with anyone, anywhere in the world right from your external drive. You can even send photos to FreeAgent DockStar directly from your iPhone.

View from anywhere in your home
Access your external drive from any computer on your wireless home network. No cables to fumble with. No clutter. And DockStar is compatible with Mac and PC.

Built for FreeAgent Go.

Your FreeAgent Go drops right in for clutter-free access. Or you can connect up to 3 USB storage devices using the built-in ports.


* File sharing at its simplest with a clean, web-based interface.
* Access iles from any networked PC or Mac  computer in your home.
* After service activation, access and share iles with friends, over the internet — no special software required.
* Enables friends to upload content as well, creating a comprehensive share space.
* Appears as a local drive whether in the home or accessed through the internet, for simple drag-and-drop access.
* Dock a FreeAgent Go(TM) drive and connect up to three USB storage devices.
* Send pictures straight from your iPhone  to the FreeAgent DockStar network adapter.
* Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

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