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The Maxtor model number is composed by “Series +  Capacity + Interface + Number of Platter and HEAD”. For example, 6Y200M006500A, we can separate the former 7 numbers + letters into 4 parts; each part can tell us different information.

Maxtor Model Number Classification


6Y:  Represents DiamondMax Plus9 series.
200:  The capacity of is 200 GB.
M:  It is Ultra ATA150, 8 MB cache
0:  Represents the number of HEAD before DM9 series. All DM9 is 80 GB with single platter
“2R” represents Fireball 531DX series.
“2B” represents Fireball 541DX series.
“2F” represents Fireball 3 series.
“3X” represents DiamondMax VL 40 series.
“4W” represents DiamondMax 536DX series.
“4D”, “4G” and “4K” all represent DiamondMax 540X series.
“4R” represents DiamondMax 16 series.
“5T” represents DiamondMax Plus60 series.
“6L” represents DiamondMax Plus D740X series.
“6E” represents DiamondMax Plus8 series.
“6Y” represents DiamondMax Plus9 series.
“D” means it is Ultra ATA/33.
“U” means it is Ultra ATA/66.
“H” means it is Ultra ATA100, 2 MB cache.
“J” means it is Ultra ATA133, 2 MB cache and using ball bearing motor.
“L” means it is Ultra ATA133, 2 MB cache and using fluid dynamic bearing motor.
“P” means it is Ultra ATA133, 8 MB cache and using fluid dynamic bearing motor.
“M” means it is Ultra ATA150, 8 MB cache and using fluid dynamic bearing motor.

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