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WD hard drives are playing an more and more important role in the hard drive data recovery market. WD Data recovery and WD hdd repair services and tools are in a increasingly demand. The following are some basic and important fimware modules of wd drives and it’s important to know if you are interested in data recovery.

Module #1
Zone Table
There are totally 21 zones included  (Total LBA is divided into 21 parts in order to speed up  the read and write speed).

Module #2
ATA Module
It’s used  to get into the factory mode.
The LBA value becomes 0 when it’s damaged.
ROM and ATA module must be compatible with each other.

Modules #10—# 1F
Overlay modules of ROM
Can not be detected when it’s damaged.

Modules # 20, 22, 23, 25
Defect  image
They are important for hot swap PCB.

Modules # 26,29,2C,2D,2E,2F
S.M.A.R.T Table
It won’t damage the drive even there are something wrong with these modules.
But it will cause the drive become very slow in detection.

Module #41
Module Map
This module is stored on the Track31.
Flash (ROM) firstly read from this module when drive starts up.
It contains the absolute position of the structure of Modules, configuration of drives (LBA,S/N number), and defect maps which are stored in the tracks.

Module #42
Model number, S/N number, LBA and Password info included.
Can not load from HDD when its damaged.

Module #E0—#EF
Self scan modules

Module #43
Any operation to the P-list will cause the data loss.
Do remember to take a Translator Regeneration plus HDD zero fill after adding bad sectors to P-list.

Module #44
Operations to the G-list do not have an effect on the data stored in the drive.

Primary and backup modules

Two Heads:
Primary modules:31-23 tracks, head 0;
Backup modules:31-23 tracks, head 1.

One Head:
Primary modules:31-23 tracks, head 0;
Backup modules:22-14 tracks, head 0.

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