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WD Doctor is also called HD Doctor for Western Digital, WD doctor is manufactured by SalvationDATA and is now widely used in Egypt for western digital data recovery. In Egyptian data recovery market, many people are using WD doctor for its affordable price but powerful data recovery functions.  Data recovery in Egypt is still in the initial stage while many data recovery providers are still using data recovery software, some simple home made data recovery programs and even pirated unstable data recovery tools, such as pirated PC3k etc.

Here I want to say the pirated tools used to provide data recovery services to the customers are very bad and the providers are not professional at all. Customers’ data can not be guaranteed with these unprofessional programs and tools. Many recoverable hard drives become unrecoverable and the data is lost forever because of some second damage. This is another reason why more and more people choose to use one professional data recovery toolWD doctor.

In Egyptian data recovery market, western digital hard drives are very popular and most data recovery cases are involved in it. Some good data recovery companies usually buy several WD doctors to handle their data recovery jobs. Even some end users of western digital drives are turning to a purchase of WD doctor themselves and do data recovery with the technique support of SalvationDATA. SalvationDATA provides free technique support and even free remote assistance.

The following information will explain what WD doctor is able to do:
WD doctor is both hardware and software complex tool, you are able to use it for both your own hard drive data recovery and data recovery from your friends’ and your customers’ WD hard drives.

Program Index, Backup FW, Upload FW, FW Defect Scan, SA Defect Scan, Sector Defect Scan, Section Operations, SELFSCAN, ROM and HEAD Operations, Flash Programmer, Ability to allow users to import firmware to the database, Updated the firmware of the hardware USB console, users now have an opportunity to work on
even the latest WD drive, ROM content automatic recovery for WD ROYL, etc. Unlocking ATA password is just one click away.

We believe Wd doctor in Egypt will become more and more popular and other tools provided by SalvationDATA are playing an important role there as well!

If you want to buy WD doctor, the following contact will be the best to give you fastest reply and best prices and support:

Email: info<at>


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