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We are a private, independent data recovery company based just outside Norwich, UK and we specialise in data recovery and data restoration from all kinds of failed data storage media and hard disk drives whether this is from your laptop, desktop, RAID array, USB memory stick or iPod. East Anglian Data Recovery Services was formed following the recognition of the lack of specialist data recovery and information retrieval services in East Anglia and our philosophy is simple; to make data recovery accessible and affordable to all.

Our clean room device repairs are performed to ISO 5 Class 100, ensuring the best possible chance of recovering data, even from severely damaged hard disk drives. This being said, we operate on a no recovery, no fee basis so in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful, there will be no charges levied.

East Anglian Data Recovery Services is totally dedicated to recovering your lost data. You have our strict assurance that we will handle your information with total care and confidentiality. ALL aspects of clean room device repair and eventual data recovery are processed in-house, we do not and will not pass any portion of the case to a third party ? we have no need to, at any level.

After some thorough research we have invested in the Salvation Data suite of tools and these have proved invaluable in recovering data from HDDs. Most recently, we have purchased the Flash Doctor tool, which is already showing to be a very useful piece of equipment. We look forward to continued and enhanced support from SD and we are sure that as further developments and tools are launched these will be added to our armoury also.