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The myopic view of people in Nigeria and other developing West Africa countries regarding information handling and projection has made it difficult for advanced data solution. A typical computer user or organization attitude towards loss of data or information is very discouraging to enable any company come up at all to invest in standard data solution technology using advanced data recovery tools like SalvationData tools. Their view to loss of information is just limited to what general or common recovery day-to-day software can do. The moment it can not be done, they do away with the information and retype or find alternative cheaper solution even to their disadvantage. Some even think it is impossible to recover these data or the cost of doing so too costly. The overall effect of this is that it limit the technological growth of many West Africa companies and make it impossible to access valuable past research works that could have been lost in the event of virus infection, disk crash and other disk defects. In view of providing a solution and making data recovery cheaper and accessible, I.A.E.A  Nigeria limited was established to provide advanced data recovery solution to the people of Nigeria and  west Africa in general at affordable and friendly price . We hope to bring a world of relief as our slogan implies by partnering with one of the best manufacturer of data recovery tools in the world – SalvationData Technology.

Advanced Data recovery training in Nigeria
Based on our years of experience and technical know-how in the area of data recovery solution and various problems affecting media in Nigeria and other West African countries. I.A.E.A Nigeria Limited has established the first Nigeria Data Recovery Training and Media Research Centre aimed at training and equipping the people on advanced data recovery solution. Our vision is to eradicate ignorance and bring Nigeria and other developing nations to their rightful place in technological growth. This centre intends to compliment various professionals who have expertise and certifications in information communication and technology, also graduates in various fields who may want to take up career in data solutions. Our facilitators are drawn from experts across the globe in a well equipped lecture environment located in the largest city in West Africa and historical city of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.  For more email