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>>The following information will help to understand more about CF cards.

* CF cards are considered more rugged and durable to many “in the field” photographic shocks, impacts and accidents. CompactFlash cards are capable of withstanding more physical damage in comparison to other, flimsier designs.

* Due to their compatibility with IDE/ATA they are used in many embedded systems as solid-state drives. In early 2008 the CFA demonstrated CompactFlash cards with a built in SATA interface.Several companies make adapters to allow CF cards to be connected to PCI, IDE, 44-pin laptop mini-IDE, and SATA connections, allowing a CF card to act as a solid-state drive with virtually any operating system or BIOS, and even in a RAID configuration.

* CompactFlash does not have any built in DRM or cryptographic features like on some USB flash drives and other card formats. The lack of such features contributes to the openness of the standard since other memory card standards with such features are subject to restrictive licensing agreements.

* CF cards are available at higher storage capacities than some smaller flash memory cards.

* CompactFlash lacks the mechanical write protection switch that some other devices have, as seen in a comparison of memory cards with exception of industrial CF-card models (AC60 Turbo/ AC73 and AC75 series) made by CoreSolid Storage

* In the case of improper insertion, a card can potentially cause damage to the device receiving the card. However, this rarely happens as slots are usually designed to prevent this.

* CompactFlash‘s large dimensions in comparison to other cards limits its feasibility in very slim devices. The large card slot consumes devices’ valuable internal space, especially in point and shoot digital cameras.

>>CompactFlash card manufacturers

* Apacer
* Canon
* FujiFilm
* Kingston Technology
* Kodak
* Lexar
* Memorex
* Olympus
* Panasonic
* Red Digital Cinema
* Ritek
* Sandisk
* Samsung
* Sony
* Toshiba
* Transcend
* Verbatim Corporation
* WinSystems Industrial Grade
* Wintec Industries
>>CompactFlash format is also used for a variety of Input/Output and interface devices. Since it is electrically identical to the PC card, many PC cards have CF counterparts. Some examples include:

* Ethernet
* Bluetooth
* Modem
* Wi-Fi
* Digital Camera
* Barcode scanner
* Magnetic stripe reader
* Super VGA display adapter
* Serial port and USB 1.1 host adapters
* readers for various other Flash media

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