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DreamWorks Picture’s new 3D film Kong Fu Panda2 has been on the hot show for a couple of days. Meanwhile Pirates of Caribbean4 released on the same period has swept through to contest with DreamWorks but failed to win the campaign on account of less shocking 3D effect than Kong Fu Panda2.

3D screen attracting people’s eyeballs by its rich and dynamic animations, Ipad emerging all of a sudden that changes the traditional way people look on computer, etc. Human being’s daily life has been deeply penetrated by digital times, it hints the phenomenon that techno-culture will gradually occupy more space within fashion tide fields.

Here carries a fact on that people will rely on professional computer science than ever regarding above elements. Usually most of people adopt Windows 32 bit system to handle daily routine for work and entertainment. But without much higher technique means the professional tasks cannot be perfectly solved. That’s the reason the concept of 64 bit system was proposed. The 64-bit OS substantially promotes the CPU Processing Capability, with more obvious active influence on the applications where numerical calculation is heavily demanded, where huge data throughput and concurrent processing are needed. 64 bit can access into huge memory address space over 4GB compared to 32 bit’s capacity of only 4GB at most. Thanks to 16 general-purpose registers inside CPU in contrast with 32 bit’s 8 ones, it significantly enhances the performance of 64 bit system. High-end computer operating system featuring more data storage ability, faster speed of data calculation, routine call and data extraction requires more system stability and more data security under such circumstances. Therefore, 64 bit usually are practically utilized for professional use apart from 3D movies, games or animation production mentioned above, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, graphic design, video processing, database management or variety of network servers are also within the application scope of 64 bit operating system.

Most people are optimistic about the prosperous future of 64 bit system but a few defects cannot be ignored moreover have to be improved. According to the testing, 64 bit exhausts computer memory at least 60% more than 32 bit when running the same program due to its 8 bytes of memory compared to 32 bit’s 4 bytes per storage cell. The truth signifies more cost. Another main disadvantage of 64 bit comes to the incompatibility with some hardware. That’s because hardware drive runs beneath software layer even beneath the operating system, some small brands or unknown brands of hardware which are not equipped with 64 bit drive program may give rise to drive troubles.

Furthermore, the existing data recovery equipment for 64 bit system is purportedly Data Compass upgraded version 10.0 by its 64 bit supportive design. The speaker from SalvationDATA, the manufacturer of data recovery tools, announced the DC10.0’s Shadowing function cannot be used in the current situation due to the digital signature required by Microsoft. So users need backup frequently and keep an eye on their fatal data.