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We often discussed how to start data recovery business and we also discussed  to start data recovery business, the most important thing is to train yourself by data recovery books, data recovery magzine and all other data recovery related channels.

You must firstly have a general understanding of what’s data recovery, firmware, HDD structure, read and write heads, how hard disk work, etc. Once you have these basic data recovery knowledge,  it’s much easier for you to attend some good data recovery training!

After the data recovery training, you can then purchase some data recovery tools and make best use of some free data recovery software(Must be used very carefully cause’ some free data recovery software don’t have write block functions and can accidently destroy your data.)

Here at data recovery  Salon, you can learn all useful data recovery knowledge and all related information. You can definitely train yourself here and most important we introduce the best data recovery tools for you  to start your data recovery business and assist you a successfuly beginning!

Now we found another great opportunity: SalvationDATA is now offering free comprehensive data recovery training for European Customers! The training will contains the following points:

Hard disk recovery basic knowledge
HDD repair and Data recovery
Open disks and exchange heads/platters with HD HPE PRO/HD HPE SP
Firmware repair by HD Doctor for Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi and Western Digital
RAID data recovery by Data Compass Standard/Premium
Disk Image and Data Extraction
Flash data recovery by Flash Doctor

Time of this free comprehensive data recovery trainning: September 14th to September 18th
Place: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Free lunch and accommodation for all participants
during the training time!

Data recovery Salon welcomes your comments and share with us your ideas, suggestions and experience. Data recovery salon is dedicated in sharing the most useful data recovery information with our users and only if you are good at data recovery or related knowledge, please kindly drop us an email and we will publish your article here. We need to make data recovery Salon to be the most professional and free data recovery E-book online.