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USA data recovery market has now another big player for data recovery services.  SalvationDATA announced its partnership with US-DataRecovery to provide nationwide data recovery services to American customers.

About US-DataRecovery

US-data recovery is one professional data recovery services provider in USA with engineers of over 57 years’ data recovery experience and are equipped with all the prevailing data recovery hardware solutions and their own in-house customized data recovery solutions. They are very helpful in recovering data from crashed computer hard drives, Raid server hard drives, Laptop hard drives, USB flash Drives, External Hard Drives, Notebook drives and NAS hard Drives. US-DataRecovery also offers forensic data recovery, Data Backup, DoD data wiping, Forensic raid array data reconstruction and remote computer repair services. US-data recovery has helped a lot of American customers from individuals to companies, from school to government and military agencies to find their valuable data back, keep their data safe and effectively protects their data privacy.

data recovery toolsThe entry into partnership for SalvationDATA and US-DataRecovery is a great step forward of more professional data recovery services and higher data recovery success rate to American market.

SalvationDATA has decided to give full technique support to US-DataRecovery and cooperate fully with them in dealing some difficult data recovery cases, especially some dead storage devices, like drives with no detection, no response and drives which have been opened by others, drives which have some physical bad sectors, scratches, etc. Besides, US-DataRecovery will share data recovery resources with SalvationDATA data recovery center, this will definitely help with the process of SalvationDATA R&D of new data recovery solutions and tools. Therefore, this is a win-win cooperation and one big event in the data recovery field and this is also a beneficial cycle for the two parties to grow stronger together!

Another benefit for potential customers who are interested in SalvationDATA data recovery hardware solutions, US-Data Recovery is another place you are able to visit to see our tools yourself! ‘Seeing is believing!’ We are confident in our new tools and new solutions! SalvationDATA is now setting up a worldwide partnership network and our final aim is to have all people see SalvationDATA with fresh eyes. After 10 years development, SalvationDATA has been quite another and SalvationDATA has become the world’s leading supplier of data recovery tools and solutions!

Contact US-Data Recovery:
Physical Address: US-Data Recovery, 8424 Newton Drive, Port Richey, Florida 34668
Official Site:

Contact SalvationDATA:
601 RICA, Chinese Academy of Science
Chengdu Branch, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China
Tél: (+86) 28 68107757
Fax: (+86) 28 68107757
Official Site:

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