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When we are trying to find out the best data recovery company in USA, it was supposed to be very difficult because US data recovery market is a well developed data recovery market with thousands of data recovery companies. Among these data recovery companies, only a few of them are serious with proper data recovery hardware solutions, equipment and professional data recovery engineers.

If you are customers who require not only simple data recovery, but also a high demand of data privacy and data integrity, it’s especially to find one good data recovery company. Besides, unlike other cases, if you fail to spend money with one data recovery company in recovering your data and it will become very difficult to find another data recovery company to recover your data or you need to spend much more by risking finding another data recovery company for your data. Because the first data recovery company you have chosen will have only two possibilities to find your data back or cause a second damage to your patient storage device which makes the data recovery job more complicated or even makes your data permanently lost.

On how to select the first and best data recovery company in USA data recovery market, there are several basic factors into consideration:

1, Not the most famous one, not the never-heard one, personal or one-person data recovery SOHO;
2, Data Recovery Solutions and Equipment they have;
3, Data Recovery Services to end users, ask their neighbors;
4, Data Recovery Prices they offer;
5, Location of the data recovery company;
6, 24 hours of services and support, weekend support provided or not;
7, Inspection charged or not, ‘no data, no cost’ supported;
8, Special price system to public sectors, military or government agencies or some special organizations supported or not.

Let’s take Florida data recovery market as one example to explain how to select the best data recovery company, it’s easily searched in Google to find out the following data recovery services providers in Florida:

RemoteVirusRemoval dot com
Dtidata dot com
US-DataRecovery dot com
ExternalDataRecovery dot com
US-DataRecovery-Hard-Drive dot com
Raid-HD-DataRecovery dot com
US-DataRecovery-External-Drive dot com
Adrdatarecovery dot com
US-DataRecovery-Flash-Drive dot com
BoomerRepairs dot com
US-DataRecovery-NAS dot com
DataRecoveryNAS dot com
US-DataRecovery-Raid dot com
Rtsdatarecovery dot com
US-DataRecovery-Macintosh dot com
RemoteCOmputerRepairs dot com

Besides above data recovery companies in Florida, there’re still many other data recovery companies not listed here, however above data recovery companies are the best ones according to one online investigation on 1000 internet users who have used a third party’s data recovery services.

According to the result of the online investigation, 78% internet users select the following four data recovery companies:

US-DataRecovery DOT COM

Among the 78% of internet users who have selected the above 4 data recovery companies, there are about 38% users who have selected US-DataRecovery DOT COM. The following can give us some ideas about the reasons:

US-DataRecovery DOT COM

Flat Rate Prices base on size of Drive
Flat Rate Raid Recovery Prices base on size and number of drives
Single HD Recovery $250 -$950 based in drive
Average 40 – 60% lower then most competitors
No Inspection Fee
No Recovery No Fee
All Recoveries treated as Expidited Service with no addition charge
No up charge for weekend recoveries;
20% Discounts to all Active Military, Police and Fire fighters for single drive recoveries
10% Discounts to all Active Military, Police and Firefighters for Raid Array recoveries.
Providing Data Recovery to USA, Canada, Caribbean and South America


Average Recovery price for single hard drive $1,100 to $3,000
Uses and Sells proprietary Data Recovery software
Much Extra Cost based on the basic prices for weekend and expedited services.


Unknown recovery equipment
Average Recovery price for single hard drive $1,100 to $3,000
Additional charge for expedited and weekend services


Average Recovery Price $1,100 to $3,000
Uses and Sells proprietary Data Recovery software
Much Extra Cost based on the basic prices for weekend and expedited services

There’s one more data recovery news about the top rated data recovery has entered partnership with SalvationDATA , the leading data recovery equipment and solution provider of the world. They are cooperating together to share data recovery resources, data recovery tips and technologies and offering nationwide data recovery services in USA.

Anyway, to prevent is better than to cure! Data backup is still the best saving way to protect our data to be safe. For enterprises, companies, banks, public sectors, etc, they’d better prepare for both: data backup and in-house data recovery abilities. This is important and necessary for this information world full of data security threats, both visibly and invisibly, never wait until disaster strikes you!

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