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Head and platter swap are one of the most typical data recovery cases in the clean room. Platter swap and head swap needs time to understand and develop your own techniques on this. Some physical or clean room data recovery training courses can demonstrate the principle of how it works but each hard drive has a different principle behind the head swapping and different technique. What is required after these training classes is for you to work on old hard drives and practice each of the techniques that have been demonstrated to you. You will need to spend hours working with each drive family to find a technique that is suitable for you to use in swapping out heads.

The principle is the same on each drive how the heads are removed and the spacer is inserted between heads. But each drive has their own way of attaching the heads to the chassis of the HDD. For many clean room data recovery training courses, with the basic knowledge that they supply you it is possible that you will be able to move on with your work and have one person work with different drive families and practice head swapping on each one. It is recommended that for each drive family that you change out the heads at least 40 times to find your techniques. Please take into consideration that even with the same drive family the newer ones’ heads are installed differently and the technique you have developed on one will not always work on a newer model. This is what research and development are for.

Please understand that platter swapping and head swapping take time to learn and master the technique on this. In some newer drives such as Seagate seasoned DR techs find it hard to swap out these heads. They have to develop a completely new technique to use in working with some of these drives. Drive manufactures are advancing in the development of the drives and testing different heads on each drive. Please do not be discouraged if you do not succeed in a head swap on your first try. I have never met a person yet in this field that has. Each one says the same to me. It took me over 6 months to find a technique that I could use and feel comfortable with in order to succeed in swapping out heads.

Besides, you’d better to have some professional head swapping tools so that you can have higher success rate especially when you are new to data recovery.