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What is a SECTOR?

Hard drives consist of several circular platters that use magnetism to store the bits of data. A sector is a small area on the surface of a hard drive or a floppy disk. Sectors are further grouped together in clusters.
Platters are divided into a set of concentric rings called tracks. Hard drives have thousands of tracks. Each of these tracks is divided into smaller storage areas called sectors. Therefore a sector is the smallest storage area on a disk.

What is a Bad Sector?

Hard drives contain millions of sectors. It is normal for some of these sectors to be bad sectors, even during the course of manufacturing the drive. A bad sector occurs when there is physical damage to a part of the hard drive.

In addition, a small number of sectors will normally go bad during the lifespan of a drive. When this happens, the data in those sectors may be lost, but the data on the rest of the disk will be unaffected and the disk is still completely usable.

A bad sector cannot be repaired, but it can be marked as unusable. Once marked as unusable, the Operating System would not to attempt to store data in that bad sector. The storage capacity of the disk will be decreased by the amount of storage space in the bad sector.

Very often, bad sectors are manifested as a result of failing Read Write head. When the Read Write heads fail to read and interpret the magnetic signals normally, the same kind of bad sectors errors could occur. Frequently, bad sectors are also early signs of disk crash as it deteriorates over time.

When hard drive develops a bad sector, please back the hard drive up immediately. If the bad sector was caused by a faulty drive head, the problem can quickly spread to other sectors on the disk.

If the system response is virtually seizing to a standstill and you have valuable data, the best option is to consult a data recovery expert without doing this yourself.

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