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Donor hard drive model: WD40NPZZ-82PDPT0
Donor SATA PCB number: 2060-800022-002 REV P1
This SATA PCB is compatible with USB PCB number 2060-800041 of both WD30××××× and WD40××××××. Please note that the SATA PCB number-2060-800022-000 REVP2 is compatible with the 2060-800041 of WD30**** only.

If users install 2060-800022-000 REVP2 sata PCB to WD40×××××× hard drive, the drive won’t spin up.

Users can buy WD40NPZZ-82PDPT0 Donor Drive and Donor SATA PCB for 2060-800041 USB PCB here.