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Data recovery software has a lower level of access and there are many data recovery software suppliers including companies, computer studios even some data recovery amateurs. Data recovery software is most widely used in data recovery field!

It’s just because of these huge supply, data recovery software has price advantages, they are usually very cheap and some of data recovery software are even free to download!

Who are using data recovery software?

Only if you are able to use your computer well and have some basic knowledge of hard disk, you can use data recovery software to recover some data for some simple cases. If you know futher about firmware and data storage theory, you can then use some data recovery software with advanced features to repair bad sectors, firmware failure, etc. Data recovery software is often downloadable if you buy and get the authorized ID and password or license key. For this issue, data recovery software is quite popular for University students, data recovery amateurs, small data recovery companies who have very limited budget and target at some logical data recovery market, Soho data recovery studios, etc.
Whenever you are talking about data recovery, hardware alone is not enough. For example, you have damage in PCB or heads, you need to swap them from a donor drive. After the swapping, does it mean your drive is live and you can read the data. In most cases, this is not true. Even if you exchange the heads, you can not find the data under windows and you need professional data recovery software to scan and extract the data to a good drive. So far in the data recovery market, the best choice for professional data recovery companies are data recovery equipment which are data recovery software and hardware complex tools, such as SalvationDATA HD Doctor Suite, Data Compass, Flash doctor, ACE PC3000 UDMA, DE, PC3000 flash, etc. For this issue, data recovery software is also very important for professional data recovery companies, computer forensic solution providers and all data recovery related service suppliers. Therefore, we can see, only if you are in the data recovery field and data recovery software is a must! The key is how to choose the best data recovery software! We usually have the following Criterias for Judgement:

1st, Whether this data recovery software meet your current needs;
2nd, Compare the price and functions from different data recovery software providers;
3rd, Whether this software provides upgrades, is the upgrade free or not?
4th, Whether this data recovery software supplier provides technique support, free or not or how long?
5th, Read their end user forum posts and find out how the existing users are using them;
6th, You can test by sending emails and ask questions to the suppliers and see how you will be treated

Is data recovery software enough if you want to start data recovery business?

No, Never enough! As stated above, professional data recovery companies and services providers use data recovery equipment, they own not only data recovery software, but data recovery hardware. They even have different tools from different manufacturers. So if you do want to start your data recovery business, you’d better find out data recovery tools manufacturers who can provide comprehensive data recovery equipment and services, these tools usually contains data recovery software and hardware together. So far as we know, SalvationDATA and ACE tools are the best two options for people to start their data recovery business. Except Criterias for Judgement to choose the best data recovery software, you should also ask the suppliers how they will handle the shipping and tax cost for you, in some countries, the tax is terribly high! This is important to understand!