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If you wish to get data recovery training in Italy or if you want to set up your own in-house data recovery center and are looking for relative data recovery tools and data recovery components, the following company in Italy is worth your good attention.

**International Recovery Service (IRS) is located at Brugnera (PN),  Italy. It was founded as a Micro Management S.r.l. service  and is able to recover data from hard drives, DVD, flash drives, etc.**

Since 2008.12, IRS has cooperated with SalvationDATA and they are now playing a more and more important role in the European data recovery market due to the perfect cooperation with International Recovery Service (IRS) Italy offering both data recovery services and tools with high success rate! SalvationDATA and IRS have been discussing more about the future data recovery techniques and potentials and will give all their customers continuing and more professional recovery tools and services for HDD, SSD, Flash drives, Cell phone, CD/DVD, blu-ray, etc.

Because of above close cooepration between IRS and SalvationDATA, more and more new data recovery tools and solutions are to be introduced to more European customers including IT companies, Government aganecies, military agencies, training institution and Data recovery companies. Besides this,  by the convenience of SalvationDATA global data recovery channels and union, any customer of any country is able to get the data recovery tools and services fast. Customer success is always the aim of the business model!

International Recovery Service (I.R.S.)
Headquartered in Italy
Viale Europa 13 Z.I. Casut
33070 Brugnera (PN) Italy

phone: +39 0434 627897
fax +39 0434 606409


Chinese Academy of Science
Chengdu Branch, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China
International: 00862868599738
Fax: 00862868107757

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