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One of SalvationDATA data recovery training centers in USA-Teel Technologies has today announced its coming-soon chip-off forensic data recovery training with SD flash doctor to be used during the NAND flash recovery courses.

Dates: Sept. 26-30th
Address: Wild PCS Training Facility, Las Vegas

Training Room:

Chip-off forensic data recovery training in Las Vegas

Chip-off forensic data recovery training in Las Vegas

The data recovery training courses are very carefully prepared and delivered by professional forensic data recovery engineers with years’ experience in mobile device repairing and chip-off forensics. This course has proven the best practice of assisting forensic examiners and analysts to be more qualified and efficient when they are dealing with their daily mobile device forensics jobs.

Teel Technologies is one of SalvationDATA best data recovery training centers worldwide and SalvationDATA has also partnership with Wild PCS, the leader in phone repair training. They share all the data recovery tips and tricks and the most important is that they share how to have all the students of different levels to get the most from our data recovery training courses and become one truly certified data recovery engineer.

The September chip-off forensic data recovery training will teach students to have a deep and comprehensive understanding to both the logical structure and physical structure of different mobile devices, flash memory devices, NAND flash chips including both Tsop48 and BGA chips, it will also contains courses on how to disassemble the devices, safely unsolder the chips inside and how to analyze and read the data from the damaged or dead mobile devices.

Check how Flash Doctor recovers important lost data from damaged flash devices:

Recover data from damaged flash devices

Recover data from damaged flash devices

Contact the Las Vegas Data Recovery Training Center:

Phone: (203) 855-5387

Or you can email to to book a seat for the forensic data recovery training courses.