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Data Recovery is broken down into three areas

1. Logical and Physical Recovery – this is considered the first step into data recovery. How to analyze the problems with the HDD. Your first line of attack into repairing and fixing the HDD. If you can not determine the problem with the HDD you will fail. This is the most important stage of Data Recovery.
2. Head and Platter Swaps – clean room work – This is the second stage of data recovery. Working in a clean room to change out heads and platters. This is where practice makes perfect and where most will fail the first time.
3. Flash Recovery, Jump Drive Recovery, SSD Recovery and PCB repair. This is the third stage of data recovery. One that is not widely explored. One that many people have problems understanding. How to read a flash drive dump and reassemble this dump to recover the data stored on the chips.

You currently offer your clients a one week course introducing them to the very basics of data recovery. You spend a few days working in the tools and teaching the very basics of usage and repair techniques. In one week it is hard to cover all a person needs to know and understand how to analyze a HDD and what steps is necessary to take to repair this drive. This is where so many questions lay. In a one week course it is hard to give a person all they need to know to succeed in recovering hard drives.

One day is spent on platter and head swaps. You teach the simple technique of using paper to separate heads and remove heads from only one drive model. After this your clients leave frustrated that they could not perform this operation with success. They could not master this technique in the short time they had to work on a head swap. You also teach your clients how to do simple platter swaps. What happens when they return to their office and are faced with a HDD with multiple platters and spacers. They can not perform this with success and in the end they can destroy the clients drive.

Some companies will teach a very basic course on flash recovery. Others will not offer this to their clients. Today flash drives are more popular and yes they do break and what is stored on them is important. Their clients want to recover their flash drive. But with a basic training class this is not possible. Your students can not perform a flash recovery.

Consider Giving your Clients More

Hi I am Chris Miller of Data Recovery Tools UK:

I would like to offer you a chance to host in your company advanced data recovery training. Here is how it would work.

1. You offer your clients one of three advanced data recovery courses in your shop. Logical and Physical Recovery, Head and Platter Swaps, and Flash Recovery.
2. The clients will pay your company for their training class
3. At Data Recovery Tools UK we have 3 advanced trainers to hire that would come to your shop and train your clients.
4. You may sell as many seats as you like to each one of these classes
5. The classes will be 5 days long and a total of 40 hours training
6. Each one of your students will learn one specific area of data recovery
7. When they leave your training class they can go back to their shop and perform recovery on their own.
8. Each student who attends the Logical and Physical Recovery Session will leave with introductions videos on the usage of the tools, a Logical and Physical Recovery guide that is specially written to walk them through the first stages of Data recovery. The guide is over 900 pages and normally sells for $550 dollars.
9. Students who attend Platter and Head swaps will not work on one drive only. They will work with all families of HDD to become proficient in swapping out heads and platters on these drive. It will be complete hands on course where your students will work until they succeed in head and platter swaps. The trainer will be there to assist and guide them every step of the way
10. Flash and PCB repair is difficult if you have no experience what so ever. In this class your students will receive hands on training and will be required to do their own flash recovery and PCB repair. They will have a trainer there to help them succeed in flash dumps and how to reassemble the dumps so they can retrieve data from the flash drive. As you know SSD recovery is very difficult and requires a lot of knowledge our trainer is an expert in this area and can teach your students what they need to know to succeed in SSD recovery.