This free data recovery software is mainly used to add bad sectors of Maxtor 541DX(2B0X0H1) HDD into the factory defects list (P-LIST), up to 15,000 bad sectors can be added into the list.

Main Functions and Features of HDD Sector Repairer 2.0

* It is able to move defects from G-list to P-list, empty and reset both P-list and G-list, reset the HDD capacity and add your specific sector as defect into the P-list…
* The HDD restored would work just as a brand-new HDD: There will be no bad sector,and it could be partitioned and formatted at your will.

* After you install this software, all you have to do is to insert the bootable disk and have your target HDD connected correctly to your IDE slot. within minutes, you could start fixing the defective HDD by some simple clicks.

CD-ROM Driver:     Download Here
Floppy Driver:    Download here
Software Version: Dos Version