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As for data recovery, the first step is to understand the general specifications of the patient hard drives, such as the SN number, Code number, model number, ROM version, etc.

If you are a common user without some professional data recovery tools to check these information, Seagate provides one Technical Support Desk Reference system called Seagate’s Disc Drive Reference, downloadable here

Steps To set up and run Seagate’s Disc Drive Reference:

1. Download the file by clicking on the above link.
2. Move the file to a directory you would like to store the Desk Reference in, ‘C:\seagate’ for example. If you open the file on your desktop it will extract all the included files to your desktop.
3. Run the executable file (DESKREF.EXE) by double-clicking it. This will extract all the files to the current location.

After you have unzipped the program, you should have the following files in your directory:

DESKREF.EXE The self-extracting PKZip file used to distribute
the software: (Assy #705719-017)

DESKREF.HLP The Seagate Desk Reference data in Windows Help file
format. (#705717-008)

DESKREF.ICO Windows Icon file for the Seagate Desk Reference.

LETGOTHL.TTF A TrueType font required to view and print the Desk Reference.

DESKREF.TXT This text file that you are reading.
(#36320-201 Rev. R)

FILE_ID.DIZ A BBS description file.

4. Install the font file by copying the file LETGOTHL.TTF to the Windows font directory (C:WINDOWS/FONTS or C:WINNT/FONTS).
5. Open the Desk Reference by double clicking the help file DESKREF.HLP.

NOTE for Windows Vista users: The 32-bit Windows XP-style .HLP file format (which is the file format of the main Desk Reference program) is no longer automatically recognized by Windows Vista. Windows Vista has adopted a different .HLP file format. You can download the older XP-style Help program engine from Microsoft to resolve this. However, the Seagate Desk Reference .HLP file is an older 16-bit and Windows Vista does still support WinHelp.exe for 16-bit .HLP files. The WinHelp.exe program is a version of Windows Help for 16-bit .HLP files. The WinHelp.exe program is still included in Windows Vista.

For more details you can visit Seagate Official