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Motor spindle issues are very common recently with high capacity drives, specifically any drive over 250 GB is prone to suffer such a situation. These problems usually occur after a sudden or sharp shock inflicted to a drive while it is in motion, it can also occur while the drive is not in motion, it usually occurs on external drives that are accidently knocked over a desk or hit and kicked by mistake, in other words human error. We are at Helpdisc Greece encounter these cases quite often; clients usually come in with a weird look on their face “I dropped it” can we fix it?

To begin, please don’t try this at home, motor seizure is one of data recovery’s most complex situations that needs a professional engineer to take care of the problem, otherwise you seriously risk losing your data.

These Hard Drive problems usually end with the spindle motor needing to be replaced! Hard Drive platters are very sensitive to dust and they also contain very delicate components that can be easily damaged by static, so opening these drives in the wrong environment can further lead to more problems. In some cases some brave technicians open the drive and do notice that the spindle is stuck, so they decide to use screwdrivers or sharp objects in the vacant to try to force the spindle to rotate, this is a no no, and something like this can definitely make things worse and possible lead to platter damage.

Spindle motors are mounted to the hard drive assembly, so when it comes time to remove the spindle, one of the necessary steps is removing the platters and placing them to a drive of the same family matching drive.

HelpDisc Greece has the necessary data recovery or hdd repair tools and experience to perform such an action; our tools help keep the alignment and balance the platters which is very crucial if you want to do this correctly and with low risk.

Lets not forget those read/write heads, in many cases during the seizure of a spindle the heads of the drive get stuck somewhere along the surface, this is a very dangerous ordeal once again as it is a must before removing the platters to careful dismantle the heads, once again this is a delicate procedure as we don’t want to cause any surface damage to the drive, HelpDisc Greece once again uses state of the art equipment to perform this procedure over 90% of the time we are successful in doing so.

So if you ever do come upon a problem like this we can Help, and get your crucial data back to you safe and sound! Contact us at +30 210 60 16 930