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I think it’s now time we should pay attention to choose the right data recovery training!

Once you enter ‘data recovery training’ as keywords in google, you will find many data recovery training providers. They have different training courses according to their own data recovery experience and the data recovery tools they have. The price is quite different among them, ranging from 2000USD-20000USD.  So, among so many providers with so big a gap of prices, what’s the right data recovery training for you and which provider you should go for?

Personally, I have the following tips to follow  as I became one data recovery engineer by starting with a training too.

Look into your market

You should firstly have a investigation of your local market or the market you want to aim at, for example, what kind of hard drives are used mostly by people there? Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba or Maxtor or flash drives? Maybe some of them or all of them. You must figure it out. Maybe you can find an opportunity to talk with your friends or even when you bring your drive to a local data recovery shop or company, you can talk with the engineer helping to handle your case, from them you can know what kind of hard drive failures are met often, what kind of prices they charge on different data recovery cases and what kind of tools they are using and you can search by google to learn more information. At least, you should have a general idea of that. Talk to different person and learn as more info as possible, then you can be well prepared for your own data recovery business or accomplish your own data recovery cases by yourself successfully. One more thing you may need to find out is that the locations of your competitors and then you are able to choose a right place to be your base for a successful data recovery business.

This step is very important for you to learn what kind of the right data recovery training courses you should have.

Look into your pocket

Money is not everything but money gives you honey when you need it. When you are looking into your pocket, what can be a good budget for you to balance the relationship between family and business, this is often a headache especially when both sides need money. At this time, it’s really very important for you to arrange your budget wisely and bravely.

You need to feed your family and you must also grasp some gold opportunity firmly and invest on it. To invest wisely depends on the first step we mentioned above, that’s to invest on those you are aming to do and those stand for the wealth development in this field popular so far and prevalent in future. For example,  you can choose Seagate data recovery training to provide specialized data recovery services later, or you can choose flash drives training to provide flash data recovery services or you can choose comprehensive data recovery training to provide comprehensive data recovery services. Specialized training is surely with less cost and less energy to understand and follow. You can also attend some training step by step and expand your business. Why not? Make the money and attend further training at the same time! So, look into your pocket and see what can be the best data recovery training for you!

Look into the tools used in the data recovery training

What kind of data recovery tools are used in the data recovery training is also very important. Different tools have different advantages and functions and upgrades and support terms. You can learn from the training providers what tools they are using and why they recommend those tools.

For data recovery tools, you should consider the following:

1st,   The Price
2nd, The functions and support list
3rd,  The support
4th,  The upgrade

Look into the data recovery training courses

Here what I want to mentioned is that besides the abstract data recovery knowledge, data recovery cases in PPT,  whether the data recovery training provider arranges the courses of hands on operation on the tools to solve some real data recovery cases. For example, each trainee will have the data recovery tools involved and they can use them to reapir firmware, to do data image, to do head replacement or platter replacement, etc.  Trainees can follow the trainers and finish the cases by themselves. This is very important to really understand the tools and data recovery process.

So look into the courses and see if you have the opportunity for the practice with the tools.

I hope information above will be helpful for those who are joining data recovery business and here I sincerely wish you all a great suceess!

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