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The following steps are some information to share with everybody on how to handle western digital data recovery from wd drives with clicking noises. Clicking deosn’t mean a head damage only, it can be also wd PCB failure or firmware failure!

Step 1:        For this kind of drives, the first step is to have a PCB exchange and see if the original drive still clicks, if it clicks, you can continue next step. If clicking stops, you have succeeded.
Step 2:        After the PCB swap, if problem is not solved, you can consider a hot swap with a donot PCB. If hot swap works, it means, it’s the firmware failure of the patient drive, if after the hot swap, the clicking still exists, you can confirm it’s the head damage.
Step 3:        For head damage, you need to open your hard drive in a clean room environment and exchange the heads with donor heads.
Step 4:        After the head replacement, usually the drive is restored and you can use professional data recovery software to copy the data. So far in the market, people use DI, DC explorer, DE, easy recovery, winhex, etc.
Step 5:        Select the path you want to save the data and you will have your data back.

Above information is just for reference only, we welcome different ideas or corrections.

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