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Data Recovery market in Taiwan is at a fast growing trend and showing its great market potential to be one important role in the whole IT industry. Internet growth has been phenomenal in Taiwan. The proportion of the population who are Internet users has exceeded 70%. There’re 16,130,000 Internet users as of June, 2010, 70.1% of the population, per ITU.

Data loss and data security are becoming more and more active topics nowadays in different fields, we can often hear and read news about company/bank severe financial loss and even corruption due to data disclosure or data loss, Computer Data Loss is a Nightmare, Zurich Insurance PLC Fined $3.5M by FSA Over Lost Data Issues(latest news)…Such kind of news arise every day in our life in the world. People all over the world face the threats of data loss! So it’s urgent for enterprises, IT dept. or data management or data security dept. in different organizations to be aware of the importance of data recovery and set up your own in-house data recovery center.

However, data recovery is not as easy as eating a piece of cake, it requires many more efforts! Qualified data recovery engineers are required not only in professional data recovery knowledge, experience in using the latest data recovery tools and also join some professional data recovery training. In this article, we will introduce to you one of the best data recovery training center in

About focuses on computer forensics and has now cooperated with the leading data recovery tools manufacturer-SalvationDATA to provide the data recovery training and distribute data recovery tools to Taiwan data recovery market.

The latest data recovery training they are providing is from August 30-September 1 and according to SalvationDATA official website, we learn that SalvationDATA sent one engineer to Taipei to take care of the data recovery training and introduce the trainees with the latest data recovery hardware and software solutions.

So the reason we recommend this Taiwan data recovery training center is that you can get both data recovery training and data recovery tools and tips from them at one stop.

Contact details of this Taiwan data recovery training center:

????: ?????????27?8??6
????:  (02)2707-9730
????:  (02)2707-8169

Address: No.6, F8, Section 2, FuxingNanLu, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel.: (02)2707-9730
Fax: ( 02)2707-8169

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