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Western Digital hard drive is one of the biggest hard drive player in today’s hard drive market besides Seagate hard drive. Data Recovery companies or other IT service companies begin to have more and more western digital data recovery cases.

From these data recovery companies and our own data recovery experience, we have seen the following typical data recovery cases of Western Digital hard drives:

1, The damaged hard drives cannot get ready;
2, The drive can  be detected normally but comes following with an error of ABRT at an attempt to read any sector;

3, The damaged drives cannot be detected or detected wrongly;

4, Hard drive knocking noises at drive’s startup;

5, The original ROM is missing or corrupted;

6, The spindle motor doesn’t spin up.

For western digital drives, the typical difficult cases are their firmware corruption, modules damage, especially some old drives which you cannot easily find donor firmware. You may need to buy some donor drives, either new or used drives are ok for donor firmware modules or donor heads.

Data Recovery Tips:

If the spindle motor doesn’t spin up, it may have the following causes:

* Spindle motor seizure;
* For 2.5″ WD hard drive, the heads are struck in the HDD working area;
* PCB malfunction;
* Problems with the spindle motor coils.

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