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May 18th, 2011-London:  SalvationDATA, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for data recovery tools and training announced yesterday its one day free data recovery training while it provides 3-5 days’ premium data recovery training as well. Customers are able to select firmware data recovery training, physical hdd data recovery training, flash chip-off data recovery training and comprehensive data recovery training.

About this one-day free training, it’s claimed to be designed for those who are interested in setting up their own in-house data centers, especially for IT departments of enterprises, universities, government, police investigation departments and other public sectors. This data recovery training focuses more on the introduction of a well running data recovery lab, clean room for recovery, mature data recovery business model and live demo on fast and secured data recovery with SalvationDATA data recovery tools. Customers are able to have face-to-face consultation with the top data recovery engineers on how to deploy and handle their data security demands.

It’s suggested potential interests who have business in China or who are going to attend some trade fairs or for a purchase in China can make use of the opportunities to take the free training and visit SalvationDATA for one day.

If you are interested in more details on this free data recovery training, you may email to training[at] or email directly to info[at]